Vocalis and School Buses

Cellular PTT - Talk to One Driver or All Your Drivers

Kids standing in line to get on school bus on a foggy day


RF proximity cards can track students on and off buses with stop GPS logged. Alternatively a student NFC card scanner can be installed for students to scan when boarding and leaving the bus.

Four buses behind a chainlink fence with razor wire


Track the location of all of your buses with 20 second updates. Know where your buses are at all times to prevent theft. Monitor the stop arm, lights, and doors.

Yellow school bus with hood open


Pre-trip mechanical inspections can be logged and data stored on DataGate. Drivers can walk the bus before locking up confirming their inspection with NFC scans. The system can integrate with third-party pre-trip DVIR bus inspection reports.

Over the shoulder view of school bus driver with Anysecu 4G-W2 on dash
  • Vocalis PTT provides legal radio operation while vehicles are moving

  • Talk using a dash-mounted cellular radio like the VOC100

  • Talk directly to the driver’s smartphone

  • Log your driver’s on and off duty along with equipment

  • Lock off the engine if the operator is not authorized

  • Geo-lock your buses and assets agains theft

  • Locate your buses and other assets with GPS

  • Dynamic groups can be created quickly for communication between just the personel you need to speak with

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Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.
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