Vocalis for Long Haul Truck Drivers

Stay in Touch with Unlimited Distance

Over the shoulder view of semi-truck driver with Anysecu 4G-W2 on dash

Until very recently truck drivers were limited to their cellphones when they needed to call dispatch or home.

Today Vocalis allows dispatchers to see the location and talk with the drivers one-to-one or grouped anywhere on the continent with a simple press of a PTT button.
Every commercial driver has a cellphone in their pocket (Android or Apple). Most are on AT&T or T-Mobile and both have areas without service if you are using only one network.

The solution?
Unlock your phone and switch to Datalink's SIMs with auto-switching between AT&T plus T-Mobile and get much better coverage.
Better still, install a VOC100 mobile in the cab with a network agnostic SIM and talk to the office or other drivers on your team. Be part of a conference call from the cab. Datalink’s SIMs and open cellular service covers USA, Canada, and Mexico. Automatically switching when you cross the border.

With Vocalis Pro You Can GPS Track Trailers and Reefers Including Compartment Temperatures

Anysecu 4G W2 Plus Mobile-Style POC Android Device on galaxy background
Ulefone Armor X5 Android phone front and back view with blue and purple galaxy background
Inrico T320 Walkie-Style Android Portable Device on purple galaxy background

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Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.
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