4G PTT for Aerial Operations

In urban regions cell coverage is limited by buildings, requiring a number of cell towers to provide quality service throughout the region. Cell tower transmissions with aircraft are not handicapped by urban infrastructures and service is only limited to LoS (Line of Sight). At ground level the horizon is the LoS limit which is approximately 10 miles. An aircraft at 5,000 ft has a LoS of 85 miles.

Within a radius of 85 miles a number of populated regions with cell towers should be within range. Currently 3G is more prevalent than 4G in remote regions. GPS and text messages can be sent over 3G networks. 4G allows streaming video, long range voice PTT, GPS, and texting. 

How San Diego Police Helicopters Moved Over to 4G-LTE

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The new 4G-LTE service operates in milliseconds allowing for tablet screens in aircraft and ground personnel screens to be in GPS sync in seconds.
Where aircraft are out of range of 4G-LTE cell towers the NAL QUICKSILVER can provide worldwide coverage for video and voice communications.

Long Range PTT

Current UHF/VHF voice PTT is limited typically to line of sight with the base. 4G-LTE and optional NAL QUICKSILVER greatly extends the coverage area where 4G networks are not available.

Global SIM Airtime Pricing

Datalink's 4G-LTE/3G airtime service provides global auto-connect coverage with unlimited voice/data service starting at $29 per month in North America. Live video streaming costs $99 per month. Datalink may apply a different billing structure in some countries.

Datalink Provides No-Contract Services

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A Great Choice for Long Range In-Flight Communications

The VOC100  is the perfect option for in-flight PoC communications. The VOC100 runs on 12V meaning it can be wired into and powered by your aircraft. The VOC100 comes with two external antennas for GPS and LTE, insuring that you have the strongest connection.


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Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.
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